About This Blog

You are understandably pressed for time so why another blog on education / parenting?

What makes this blog different?

It is timeless.

This means it doesn’t focus on the latest technology in the classroom.  The creators of the respective technologies have their own sites to do that.

It doesn’t focus on the current standards, such as Common Core.  That certainly isn’t any more timeless than No Child Left Behind or any of the other trendy educational or parenting initiatives.

While the world around us may continuously be changing, the way humans operate on a fundamental level doesn’t change.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with the basic need for food and shelter as the most important, followed by psychological needs of relationship, and finally the need for self-fulfillment still holds true, and as you will see has a big impact on learning.

To make this blog as useful as possible here are some settings:

“Teacher” is defined as anyone engaged in the act of trying to influence someone to learn.  This may be a parent, classroom teacher, or discipline specific therapist (e.g. speech pathologist, occupational therapist, social worker, etc….)  You will notice on the side bar a Sub Catagories section indicating who the topic is meant for, parent, teacher and/or therapist.  Depending which “hat” you are wearing at a given time you can choose posts geared towards that perspective.

In case you were wondering what the picture for my bio represents, you’re about to learn 😉 …   A teacher has 3 umbrella categories under which you can “file” the information in relation to facilitating optimal learning. 1) Attitude 2) Knowledge and 3) Tools.  In my classes on this subject I call the teacher who actively seeks to fill these 3 areas the AKTive teacher, hence the graphic.  The three different areas were set up as three different tabs on this site, allowing you to focus on whichever area interests you at a particular time.  The Mental Meanderings section is where I share case studies and important points that do not necessarily belong directly in the AKTive framework but will help you develop perspective.

To further make these posts more user friendly you will notice a couple of icons:

To highlight the key idea.

To warn you of a pitfall.

An activity to give you an opportunity to apply what you have learned.