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Chanie Monoker - Developmental Analyst

Welcome to Timeless Teaching

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself.  I am a very curious and insatiable learner, who loves puzzles (especially a jigsaw or a good mystery read).  I have spent the last 3 decades focusing most of my curiosity on the learning process.   How do people learn?  Why do some people fail to be successful at it?  How come people can be successful in learning one skill or subject and not another?  What is the best way to teach?

I have incorporated many perspectives in my pursuit of answers to my questions: as a classroom teacher, parent and therapist and of course as a learner myself.  Having taught all ages in a variety of settings I offer a unique perspective.  I have taught and continue to teach preschool, elementary school, high school, and college over the last 30 years (and have been a professional learner for longer than that ;-).  I have serviced the hearing-impaired children of NYC as an educational audiologist, provided early intervention as a developmental interventionist, and currently provide developmental analytics for school age children through my private practice.  I give workshops for parents, teachers and therapist… and of course parented my own six lovely children, currently ages 13-24.

Whether you wear a “parent,” “teacher” or “therapist” hat or are simply interested in improving your own learning, you are engaged in “education”.  If you are reading this it means that, like me, you are searching for answers.  I believe that education has been hijacked.  Perhaps the intentions were good, but the results have not been.  It seems like, increasingly requirements have been changing, scores going down, more teachers are quitting and more parents are home schooling.

My favorite word: “why?”  (Perhaps I’m stuck at 2, however I have never found 2 year olds to be "terrible", I love their curiosity, eagerness and willingness to learn ;-D

So, why are we facing this educational crisis and what can be done about it?  Yes we can change the system, but that is slow going and we need some immediate solutions.  The purpose of this blog is to show you, that with a slight shift of perspective and some simple tools, you can help anyone learn more easily regardless of the curriculum, technology or pedagogical trend imposed on you.  Learning has been done for thousands of years and there are certain general principles that stand the test of time, regardless of the content or medium of delivery of what is being learned.  Hence the title “Timeless Teaching.”   Here I will share these principles with you.

With these considerations, we will cover 3 areas:

1.What to teach

2.How to teach

3.What to do when the learning doesn’t take place

Please share your feedback freely in a positive and constructive manner.

Chanie Monoker

Specialist, Developmental Analytics